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“I have saved so much money over the past three years that I was able to, during this outbreak, buy an exercycle and a treadmill, which has been keeping me in shape… Thanks for making it easy. Stay safe everyone!”
– Shannon
“Working at the hospital as an RN, I’ve seen this pandemic affect people’s lives in a lot of negative ways. That’s why it’s important to save money for my family and to save time at the grocery store.”
– Jenna
“Ibotta has helped me save quite a bit of money over the last two years…I’ve been able to save lots of money for Christmas presents for our whole family. Ibotta is the way to go!”
– JM
“When I scour the Internet for the best deals on things we really need in these [uncertain] times, and I buy it and then there’s money coming back, it [feels] just like Christmas morning.”
– Shirley
“I know you’re thinking, “why is she laying on the floor?”… [I am on the floor] because [this is] brand new carpet in my bedroom. That [carpet] is here because of the money I saved with Ibotta. I’m so happy with Ibotta!”
– Stella
“I love using the Ibotta app. I check it every time before I go shopping and there’s always something good in there to save me some hard-earned money…it adds up to nice chunk of change. Thanks, Ibotta!”
– AJ
“I love the Ibotta app…I can choose any store I want, pick any deals I want, and earn cash back. I just love it!”
– Ibotta Saver
“My 3-year-old daughter loves surprises. So, it’s an amazing thing to be able to provide her with these gleeful moments by doing something that I normally do by way of the Ibotta app.”
– Ibotta Saver
“When I’m not working, I’m on my Ibotta app trying to find the best deals possible. My husband can attest that I’m addicted to Ibotta, and I have saved more than $2,500.”
– Ibotta Saver
“I’m currently laid off, which means less money. I also have a son at home because there’s no school, so that means another meal on the table…I’m thankful for every penny that I save [with Ibotta].”
– Mary
“I have a family of seven, so I love that Ibotta gives me a way to save money on my household purchases and introduces me to products that I have not tried before…Thank you, Ibotta!”
– Kyra
“I like using Ibotta because it’s a great app. I can save a lot of money and I put it towards gift cards or back into my PayPal. [Over] the last two years, I’ve saved about $800. Thank you, Ibotta!”
– Yolanda